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Garbage Chute Cleaning

Service Details


Garbage chute cleaning is done by sending a sprinkler from the highest floor down into the garbage room. the chute is scrubbed and pressure washed with a high heat setting ensuring everything is cleaned thoroughly. A special charcoal used for absorbing unpleastent odors is sprinkled at the bottom of all garbage bins to guarantee all foul odors are eliminated and NOT covered up AND it is an environmentally friendly solution with no harmful chemicals. The garbage room is also pressure washed at a high heat and scrubbed clean.

This short video shows you the step by step process of how we clean your garbage chutes. That's not all, scroll down to see how we ensure those unpleasant smells aren't covered up but are completely eliminated!

Charcoal Odor Control

We use activated charcoal to completely eliminate odors in garbage bins. 

A little goes along way with this product.


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