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Soda Blasting & Media Blasting

This is perfect for treating delicate surfaces and is a common solution to issues with brick, walls and painted surfaces.

Soda Media is safe for the environment and aggressive enough to tough material. Perfect for:

  • Automotive restoration

  • Fire restoration

  • Masonry restoration

  • Hot pressure washer

  • Food processing plant cleaning

Service Details


Soda blasting is a common solution to issues with brick, walls and painted surfaces. One of the major benefits of soda blasting is that the bicarbonate soda media is safe for the environment. Its water soluble with a pH of 8.2. Soda is aggressive enough to remove most paints yet will not etch glass. For tougher jobs on brick we use lime. Other media that is available are nutshells, glass and sand. Soda blasting is a common process in the fire and smoke remediation industry. The reason for this is bicarbonate soda’s ability to deodorize. Call Toronto Pressure Wash for a quotation for your cleaning needs. We do perform subcontracting services for other smoke remediation prices. Call us for a free quote.

  or   CALL (416) 892-4059

Wet Blasting

These machines deliver essential constant pressure allowing for dust free blasting as is demanded more and more in many environments. They are also able
to stay at constant pressure for a smoother operation, less re-filling and increased labour efficiency.


In addition Pro-blast Wet machines units have pressure regulation to allow “softer” blasting of masonry and other more delicate surface making
them effective and flexible with all type of work demanded in the field.

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