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Dry ice blasting is a revolutionary blasting method in which dry ice pellets replace traditional blasting materials like sand, water, glass and plastic. In contrast to sand blasting, the process leaves no secondary waste material. The only waste to be disposed of is the coating that has been dislodged, and this can normally be swept or vacuumed from the floor beneath the treated object. The process is dry and non-conductive, and it is therefore suitable for use on electric motors and electrical circuitry. DRY ICE BLASTING with Less Cost and in Less Time!

Recovering from fire damage or smoke damage can be a costly operation when using traditional methods like sanding, scraping and wire brushing. These methods can take 3 to 5 restoration cleaners and 5 to 6 working days depending on the job, costing you valuable time and money. Dry Ice Blasting for fire damage requires only 1 cleaning in less time with fewer operators and cleans more effectively helping you and your business to recover faster and more efficiently from fire damage or smoke damage.

Toronto Pressure Wash owns dry ice blasting equipment capable of removing hard to remove smoke and fire residues, hard grease &oils from machinery and mould from all surfaces. The great thing about dry ice procedures is that they do not cause collateral damage to the surrounding surfaces and fixtures like wiring and pipes. Call us for a free consultation.A More Thorough Cleaning by Reaching Areas Other Methods CannotThe Dry Ice Blast stream reaches the smallest cracks, creases and wood joints where traditional wire brushes or hand cleaning cannot. This allows for a better evaluation of the fire damage otherwise hidden by smoke or soot, which is important after a fire for structural inspection, health and general maintenance. 

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We will apply an environmentally friendly soap foaming product which contains a mix of algaecides, de-greasers, and sanitizers to the surface of the underground parking lot. In addition, we can perform power washing services of walls and pipes during this

Underground Garage Cleaning maintenance program. Depending on the situation, hot or cold water will then be used to completely rinse off all surfaces of the entire floor from top to bottom.

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